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Flower Picture Takin’ Tutorial with MyBestFriend Jenn

Hey Y’all. Carter Parton Rogers here. 

I have some excitin’ news to share with y’all here on my website. I’ve invited MyBestFriend Jenn to share some photography tips with y’all, she’s helpin’ me learn how to take pictures and I thought y’all would enjoy learnin’ right along with me. 

You can read more about Jenn by clickin’ the “MyBestFriend Jenn” from the menu on my website up top there. 

Now. For the flower picture takin’ tutorial. 

Look at these photos we took. Can you guess which one I took and which one MyBestFriend Jenn took, given she’s a professional photographer? Our goal was a pretty photo of the pink flower.


Hey Y’all. Jenn here. Quick tips for taking photos of flowers (or anything for that matter). Check what’s going on in the background, behind and around the focus of your subject, to make sure the background isn’t distracting. Move around, move the camera, and find an angle that best features the subject of your photo. 

Sunshine and Sparkles, 

Carter and MyBestFriend Jenn

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