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Disclosure Policy


Last Updated May 23, 2018.


Welcome to,,, the online headquarters of Carter Parton Rogers. Carter asked her lawyer to write this because she wasn’t sure what to include. This Disclosure Policy is our best attempt at informing you about information you see on Carter’s website.


Carter loves to share about her favorite products and services. If Carter is asked to tell you about something because she is receiving compensation or has a business relationship, Carter will tell you or you will find a disclosure. Most of the time Carter is just very excited to tell you about things she likes, so if you’re not sure you can just ask her.


This website is Carter’s online home. It is also a place for people who enjoy our content to share their thoughts on the information we provide. Comments are not a requirement for accessing any of the content found on the website, so it may be that there are no comments on a particular post. If there are no comments yet, you should leave one. Carter loves comments! All comments made on this website are subject to the website Privacy Policy. User and other third-party submitted content and/or links may be changed, altered, or modified at any time in our sole and absolute.


Carter loves to tell you all about her experiences. Those are her personal experiences and your experience may be different. Just in case you’re wondering, Carter is not a doctor.


All content, including logos, artwork, photographs, and videos, created for this website is subject to copyright restrictions. If you’d like to share any of our photos, videos, artwork, or articles, please do so through the share features enabled on the post. We have tried to make it easy for you to share on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

We ask that if you wish to distribute or reproduce any text, art, photograph, or video content that you please contact usto obtain permission.


We welcome your comments regarding this website. Please note that once your comment is received, it become the property of Carter Parton Rogers and may be displayed for marketing purposes on the website or any of our social media properties.

We do not accept unsolicited submissions of any kind which may contain any product, artwork, story idea, or other creative material. Unsolicited submissions will be returned to sender.