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Press Release for The Carter Parton Rogers Show

THE CARTER PARTON ROGERS SHOW: A musical comedy variety show about going after your dreams. 

WHAT: A musical comedy variety show starring Carter Parton Rogers “future country music singin’ sensation”. Carter has created what she believes to be the perfect show to get the attention of the Grand Ole Opry. She has set her sights high and is not looking back. Carter Parton Rogers takes audiences on a unique journey as she shares stories, sings original songs, plays the guitar and sometimes tinkers on the banjo. She even has a tambourine. This one woman band of fun is not to be missed, take the word of her fans... 

“Carter Parton Roger’s shows have it all. Comedy, music, drama, audience participation. Her energetic spirit is catching. I've never left a show not smiling. Carter sparkles and shines. It is a true treat to get to watch her perform and before you know it you'll be singing along with her because her original songs are very catchy. I can't wait until I get to see her perform again!” - Keri 

“I am here to tell you she's an Actual Wonder Of Nature” - Josh 

WHO: Hosted, Performed, Written by Carter Parton Rogers 

WHERE: Next Show TBD

WHEN: Next Show TBD


ABOUT CARTER PARTON ROGERS: Carter Parton Rogers moved to Los Angeles from the South to pursue her dream of being a country music singing sensation. Her dream is to make it all the way to The Grand Ole Opry. Carter started a blog back in 2012 where she continues to share about her journey through performances, videos, updates, and her original inspirational “quote photos”. Her hope is that she brightens your day and makes you laugh, or at least smile. Carter’s website:

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